Basement Insulation and Soundproofing in Denver, CO

From loud neighbors, traffic, nearby construction, home theaters, and sometimes even our own family members, we can use a bit of insulation from everyday noise. We at NetZero insulation provide basement insulation and soundproofing via complete window, ceiling, and window insulation coverage.

Essentially, we specialize in improving your home’s comfort and tranquility. We use specialized products and installation techniques to achieve the best possible reduction in noise pollution by providing complete insulation coverage. Our process involves insulating the basement walls and ceiling joists. This will not only help to increase your basements energy efficiency while staying cooler in the summer and warm in the winter, but function as an excellent soundproofing device.

The benefits of insulating your basement add up quickly, adding in substantial energy savings while minimizing future moisture issues. Insulating your basement will keep heat upstairs in the living space, leading to less energy consumption overall.

We can retrofit existing spaces such as basements, home theatres, and bedrooms. We also work with builders and remodeling contractors as consultants and guides throughout the project to ensure a high-performing space.

There are many different products for insulating your home on the market. We have the expertise to know which products provide the best sound-control performance for each individual application.

Basement insulation FAQ

Q: What does the “R-Value” of my insulation mean?

A: Resistance to heat flow; it’s essentially the insulating power that the material has.

Q: What is retrofit insulation?

A: An upgrade to a home’s existing insulation.

Q: Why should I insulate my basement ceiling?

A: To keep the heat upstairs in the living space; this will help in energy savings.

Q: What is the best insulation for a basement ceiling?

A: Spray foam and fiberglass are the most common materials used for basement insulation.

Q: Which way will the insulation face in my basement?

A: Your insulation technician will always have the insulation paper facing the inside of the home. This will prevent water vapor from passing through it.

Q: Should I insulate the wall on the interior or exterior?

A: Interior is generally considered best.

Q: How can I prevent condensation in my attic?

A: Always make sure that there is adequate ventilation in your attic. Be sure to vent your dryers and bathrooms outside, rather than having them face in your attic and remove any sources of moisture in your area.

Q: Can insulating your basement help with noise reduction?

A: Yes

Have more questions on your insulation? Your insulation technician will be happy to answer all of them. Give us a call any time at (720) 517-0011.


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