Insulation & Energy Efficiency Case Studies by NetZero Insulation

NetZero Studies the Energy Efficiency of Quality Insulation

NetZero Insulation has performed case studies regarding the impact that high-quality insulation can have on your Denver home. The studies we have conducted include an analysis of the attic knee walls in a house in Littleton, CO. We were determined to address problems associated with the vertical walls between the attic and conditioned rooms.

Among the issues to consider were insulation falling out of place over time, air gaps, reduced R-value as a result of airflow, and how to insulate the studs between insulation. The home had several areas where insulation was inadequate as a result of deterioration, shifting, or gaps. Its inefficiency resulted in rooms where temperatures changed drastically depending on the weather. We were able to improve the energy efficiency of the home by installing a six-sided encapsulation that included spray foam. Our insulation installation solution used foam and a properly-fitted fiberglass blanket to create airtight insulation surrounding the attic knee walls and an increased R-value.

NetZero Insulation is committed to providing high-quality insulation services to the Denver area, and are continuing to perform case studies to ensure that our insulation installation services are comprehensive and innovative. Continue to check back for more exciting solutions for all of your insulation installation needs.