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With today’s advanced technology, more energy-efficient products and materials, and higher standards for energy consumption, a home energy audit is the surest way to learn how your home stands up to newer building codes and practices. NetZero Insulation offers home energy audits in Denver, CO, and the surrounding areas that test older homes in key performance areas. By looking at energy consumption, the number of occupants in the household, and the age and efficiency of appliances in the house, we can analyze the data and share ways to make improvements that will cut down on energy usage. We are an Xcel Home Performance Registered Contractor experienced in all aspects of home energy improvement. Contact us to schedule a home energy audit and learn how to make significant improvements to your home’s utilities that will benefit you and the environment.

Benefits of Conducting a Home Energy Assessment

Like any audit or inspection, the purpose of a home energy audit is to uncover and shed light on performance. We point out opportunities to save money, improve efficiency, and contribute to a healthier environment that the average homeowner may not be aware of. We take a deep dive into your home in many areas, including measuring for air leaks and heat loss through walls to looking at the light bulbs you use and your appliance performance. Benefits include:

  • Learning ways you can increase efficiency in your home
  • Increasing the comfort of your house
  • Reducing waste and helping protect the environment
  • Determining what should be done immediately and what can be done later

The Types of Energy Audit Tests We Perform

A complete home energy audit usually takes between 2 and 4 hours, depending on the size, layout, and complexity of your home. The equipment we use is approved by Xcel Energy and the Denver Energy Challenge and is designed specifically to measure energy consumption and performance in residential settings. We perform a comprehensive audit of your home’s energy usage, including:

  • Indoor Air Quality Testing – This test can detect combustible gases and carbon monoxide (CO) in your home. Even very low levels of CO can cause serious health issues if it’s in the air you breathe.
  • Blower Door Test – Testing the airtightness of a home is a beneficial way to learn how much-unrestricted air moves throughout the house. Air can make its way through unsealed cracks and crevices in the structure and cause heat loss.
  • Combustion Appliance Zone (CAZ) Testing – We use this to test all combustible appliances for their CO output, proper combustion, and adequate venting.
  • Thermal Imaging – Thermal cameras allow our team to see right through the walls and expose weaknesses where heat and cool air infiltrate and escape your home.
  • Energy Usage Comparison – Our software allows us to input information from 12-13 months of your energy bills downloaded from Xcel Energy and compare it with your home’s square footage and volume. From this, we can determine essential areas that need to be addressed that will cut back on energy usage.
  • Attic, Basement, and Crawl Space Inspection – Typically, these areas are responsible for about 65% of a home’s energy loss. We look for places to make improvements and minimize loss.
  • Windows and Doors – We’ll evaluate the weather stripping and condition of all windows and doors and measure air leakage.
  • Rebate Information – The primary purpose of a home energy assessment is to educate homeowners on how they can make energy improvements with incentives to make changes. We’ll provide you with a list of all available rebates and financing offers in your area for money-saving opportunities.

Choose the Best for Your Home Energy Audit

A home energy audit will provide beneficial information that can help you save money on energy costs and increase the value of your home. To get the most out of your audit, you must choose to work with an experienced and qualified company to perform a thorough evaluation. We are an Xcel energy audit-approved company and a BPI Certified Building Analyst. We have decades of experience providing home improvement solutions that help our customers save energy and improve their home’s efficiency. Being trained and educated in this field, we know exactly what to look for in your home’s audit to provide you with the best advice and suggestions possible.

Schedule a Home Energy Audit in the Denver Area

Are you looking for ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency and save money on utility bills? NetZero Insulation offers comprehensive home energy audits in the Denver, CO area that will shed light on the best places you can make improvements. Don’t waste money making changes to your home’s appliances or replacing doors or windows that might be well-insulated. Let our team of professionals use specialized home audit technology to give you an accurate reading on the best places to invest in changes to your home. We offer convenient scheduling and will treat you and your home respectfully to provide results you can use. Contact us to schedule a home energy audit today!


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