Install a Whole House Fan at Your Denver, CO Home

Keep Your Interior Air Fresh with a Whole House Fan

At NetZero Insulation, our goal is to help you improve the comfort and function of your home, whether it’s through the addition of insulation, soundproofing, or added airflow. We offer numerous services that do just that. One of the many ways we can help you enhance the comfort level in your home is with the addition of a whole house fan. Adding a whole house fan will keep the home in your air fresher and healthier for your family and can even help reduce the costs of running your air conditioner. Let our team tell you all about this option when you reach out to us today.

What is a Whole House Fan?

A whole house fan is installed in your attic and is used to circulate air throughout your home. It makes the air in your home fresher and cools the temperature down by pulling air into your house through open windows and pushing hot, stagnant air out through vents in the attic. It is an excellent addition to any home as it can help you cut down on cooling costs, as you won’t have to run your air conditioner as frequently. Whole house fans can even help get rid of stagnant air in your home during the winter, without making the space cold or uncomfortable.

Installing & Using a Whole House Fan

Installing a whole-house fan is a tricky process and should only be completed by a professional. The team at NetZero Insulation has years of experience and the right tools to complete this installation job for you. We’ll determine what size and type of fan are necessary to provide optimal performance at your home. We will handle all aspects of the installation, from the new fan itself to the dedicated circuit wiring to the addition of new attic vents to handle the increased airflow. Once installed, the fan is easy to use. All you have to do is open your windows and turn the fan on to get air flowing throughout your home. Be sure you open windows throughout the home when running the fan to ensure proper ventilation. Opening windows in only one area of the home can prevent powerful and concentrated suction in a single area, which is not good for your home.

Whole House Fan Installation in Denver

Do Whole House Fans Work?

Many people doubt whether whole-house fans are really effective at cooling down your home and providing fresh air. But the truth is these fans are incredibly useful when it comes to creating a comfortable environment in your home. When the windows are open, and the fan is on, suction is created to pull outdoor air into your home and expel stagnant air through the attics, thus cooling down your home and filling it with fresh air. Unlike an air conditioner that cycles the same air over and over, a whole house fan brings in new air to create a better, more comfortable environment. A whole house fan improves your home by:

  • Creating a Healthier Environment: The fan will pull fresh air into your home, eliminating stagnant air that has collected contaminants from numerous cycles through the home. This improves your air quality and creates a healthier atmosphere.
  • Reducing Air Conditioning Costs: Because the fan helps to circulate air and cool your home, you can run your air conditioner less and delay turning it on in the earlier months of summer. This will help you cut down on air conditioning costs.
  • Eliminating Stale Air: The air in your home can become incredibly stale in the winter, creating a dry, stagnant feeling. Even though you have to open the windows to use it, a whole house fan will quickly push fresh air into your home in a matter of minutes, eliminating stale air without making your home cold.
  • Improving Comfort: You want your home to be a comfortable place you can relax. A whole-home fan will help you create that by cooling off your home, improving air quality, and removing odors.

What to Expect from NetZero Insulation

At NetZero, you can expect professional insulation service from an expert team. We have many years of experience and know-how to precisely install the best whole house fans at your Denver, CO home. You can expect our team to show up on time, get the job done right, and teach you how to use your newest home addition. The installation process is quick and easy and can usually be completed in one day.

Why Choose NetZero Insulation?

We know there are many contractors to choose from when looking for someone to install new insulation or a whole house fan. However, we at NetZero believe we’re the best option to complete these types of jobs. We only use the best materials and have years of expertise to ensure the job is done right. In addition, we are licensed, certified, and insured to complete the work we do, giving you added peace of mind. Our goal is to provide you with the best service possible, which is why we provide honest assessments of your home and make sound recommendations about how to improve any issues.

Speak to Our Professional Team Today

If you would like to learn more about whole-home fans, how they work, and the benefits they provide, NetZero Insulation is the team to provide the information you need. We invite you to request more information by filling out our online form or giving us a call. A member of our team will be happy to assist you, whether you are inquiring about a new fan or adding insulation to your home. Please reach out to us today and we can set up a time to visit your home and assess your needs.

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