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When you need basement insulation and soundproofing solutions in the Denver, CO area, who better to call than the insulation professionals at NetZero Insulation? With almost three decades of delivering superior insulation services to the area, we have the solutions you need to soundproof your home. From loud neighbors, traffic, nearby construction, home theaters, and sometimes even our own family members, we can use insulation to effectively reduce everyday noise. Our team will provide basement insulation and soundproofing via a full window, ceiling, and window insulation coverage.


How NetZero Insulation Can Improve Your Home


Essentially, our team specializes in improving your home’s comfort and tranquility. We use specialized products and installation techniques to achieve the best possible reduction in noise pollution by providing complete insulation coverage. Our process involves insulating the basement walls and ceiling joists. This will not only help to increase your basement’s energy efficiency while staying cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter but function as an excellent soundproofing device. In addition, we can retrofit existing spaces such as basements, home theatres, and bedrooms. As a bonus, we work with builders and remodeling contractors as consultants and guides throughout the project to ensure a high-performing space.

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The Benefits of Basement Insulation and Soundproofing


The benefits of insulating your basement add up quickly. Though this may not be a necessary project, our customers all over the Denver area have raved to us about what a difference basement insulation has made to their homes. Here are a few benefits you receive with professional basement insulation:


Guaranteed Warmth All Year Round

Gaps, cracks, and poorly insulated walls allow the warm air within your home to escape. According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, as much as 50% of this heat loss can occur in the basement. When calling on our seasoned team to install insulation in your basement’s walls and ceiling, it will not only work to boost the comfort in your space significantly, but it will also cut your home heating costs.


Combat Moisture Issues

Ground moisture can enter the home through the foundation walls. Having your basement insulated works to reduce condensation by making cold surfaces warmer. Closed-cell foam sprayed onto the inside of a foundation significantly helps to prevent moisture intrusion through the walls of your space. Combatting moisture will not only protect your home from water damage, but it will also dispel any chances of mold and mildew growth from taking over your basement space.


Code Compliance

Depending on your specific location, you may need basement wall insulation to comply with the building codes in your area. Minimum R-values (the capacity of an insulating material to resist heat flow) vary. But don’t fret, our team can help you determine the proper insulation practices for your particular location. In many cases, basement ceiling sound insulation will be enough to comply with the Colorado code. Still, we will discuss the process when you call on our team for comprehensive insulation services.


Improve Your Energy Efficiency

This application will help to manage the overall energy consumption of your home or commercial building. Insulating your basement will increase your home’s energy efficiency, especially if it’s an older home. In addition to reducing heating costs, basement insulation can do wonders in keeping the rooms above it more comfortable and prevent moisture problems, insect infestation, as well as radon infiltration.


Basement Insulation Question & Answer

When it comes to basement insulation and soundproofing, our team receives a lot of questions regarding the process. Below, we have compiled a list of some of the answers to our most frequently asked questions regarding basement insulation. Keep reading to learn more:


Q: What does the “R-Value” of my insulation mean?

A: The R-Value of your insulation stands for the “resistance to heat flow.” This essentially describes the insulating power of your chosen material.

Q: What is retrofit insulation?

A: Retrofit insulation is an upgrade to a home’s existing insulation.

Q: Why should I insulate my basement ceiling?

A: We encourage our Denver, CO customers to consider basement ceiling insulation so they can more efficiently keep the heat upstairs in the living space, thus helping them with energy savings.

Q: What is the best insulation for a basement ceiling?

A: Spray foam and fiberglass are the most common materials used for basement insulation, as they do the best at creating a desired air-tight seal.

Q: Which way will the insulation face in my basement?

A: Your insulation technician will always have the insulation paper facing the inside of the home. This means of application will prevent water vapor from passing through the insulation.

Q: Should I insulate the wall on the interior or exterior?

A: Interior is generally considered best, but our team will take a look at the way your home or business is set up and make a decision best suiting your building’s needs.

Q: How can I prevent condensation in my attic?

A: To effectively prevent condensation in your attic, always make sure the space is equipped with adequate ventilation. Additionally, always be sure to vent your dryers and bathrooms outside, rather than having them face in your attic and remove any sources of moisture in your area.

Q: Can insulating your basement help with noise reduction?

A: Yes, insulating the space between the basement ceiling joists with sound-dampening insulation services will significantly help with noise reduction.


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Do you have more questions on soundproofing and basement insulation services? Our professional insulation technician here at NetZero Insulation will be happy to answer all of them. Give us a call at any time to request more information on our basement wall insulation services. We look forward to soundproofing your space, so you can finally have the peace and quiet you deserve.

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